Folder Runner Basics
This is a description of the basic features of Folder Runner.

namefile systemwithnewfile system

The test files used in the following examples are from Sample Input Files and Sample Output Files.

withfile system
make empty foldertestoutput
alias folderdocument\fitSharp\Fit\SampleOutputFilesasout
alias folderdocument\fitSharp\Fit\SampleInputFilesasin

Folder Runner runs the FIT tests from the files in an input directory and writes the results to an output directory.

withnewfolder runner story

Test result counts are accumulated for all files processed.

checkresults6 right, 1 wrong, 0 ignored, 0 exceptions

withfile system
ensurefiletestoutput\SampleSimpleTest.htmlsame asout\SampleSimpleTest.html

Sub-directories are traversed and copied to a matching structure in the output directory.

ensurefiletestoutput\SampleSubFolder\SampleFailingTest.htmlsame asout\SampleFailingTest.html

If a file SuiteSetUp.html exists in a folder, it is run before all other files in that folder. SuiteTearDown.html is run after all other files in the folder.

ensurefiletestoutput\SampleSubFolder\SuiteSetUp.htmlsame asout\SampleSuiteSetUp.html
ensurefiletestoutput\SampleSubFolder\SuiteTearDown.htmlsame asout\SampleSuiteTearDown.html

If a file does not contain any tables, the contents are copied without changes.

ensurefiletestoutput\SampleSubNoTest\SampleNoTest.htmlsame asin\SampleSubNoTest\SampleNoTest.html

A file reportIndex.html is created in the output directory with the FIT results of each file processed and links to the output files.

ensurefiletestoutput\reportIndex.htmlsame asout\SampleReportIndex.html

A file fit.css is created in the output directories with the styles used by FIT to highlight test results. (This is a bit inconsistent because the test files must already have a link to this stylesheet file.)

ensurefiletestoutput\fit.csssame asdocument\fitSharp\fit.css
ensurefiletestoutput\SampleSubFolder\fit.csssame asdocument\fitSharp\fit.css

If a file fit.css already exists in the input directory, it is copied to the output directory and not overwritten with the standard version.

ensurefiletestoutput\SampleSubWithStyle\fit.csssame asin\SampleSubWithStyle\fit.css

The fit.css file is only creates in sub-directories where test results are written.


The input can be a single file.

withnewfolder runner story
run-c,document\fitSharp\Fit\SampleInputFiles\SampleConfig.xml ,-i,document\fitSharp\Fit\SampleInputFiles\SampleSimpleTest.html

checkresults1 right, 0 wrong, 0 ignored, 0 exceptions

XML output can be created.

withnewfolder runner story

withfile system
ensurefiletestoutput\XmlOutput.xmlsame asout\SampleXmlOutput.xml

Files and directories can be excluded.

withnewfolder runner story

checkresults0 right, 0 wrong, 0 ignored, 0 exceptions
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