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Mike Stockdale

I am the founder and principal software developer, consultant and coach of Syterra Software. My primary areas of expertise are object-oriented development, agile methods, automated testing and performance tuning in the domain of enterprise application software.

I wrote my first program in Fortran, on punch cards. A lot has changed since then! I spent several years working for software consulting companies. I started with a small Canadian firm, but through a series of acquisitions, I ended up working for one of the software mega-companies. I eventually realized I wasn't suited to the big corporate culture and started my own company in 2000.

Over the years, I've seen several generations of software development bandwagons come and go, and jumped on and off a few myself. In 2001, I was introduced to agile methods, and despite my initial skepticism, I soon realized that this was one of the biggest advances in my ability to deliver quality software and business value. Since then, I've been learning and teaching every day about better ways to develop software.

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